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About me

  • My name is DACZI Laszlo, I was born on February 11, 1974 in Gyula. I live in Hungary in Bekes town, it's near to the Romanian border.

  • I work as a PC programer for the Rethy Pal Hospital in Bekescsaba.

Spare time, hobby, sport

I'm a volunteer of the FSF.hu Foundation. I coordinate the Hungarian LDP and the Hungarian TheOpenCD project in my spare time.

I like read books, I prefer printed books opposite e-books (although I get informations from the Internet and I use ICQ sometimes, these activities make me different feeling than I read a printed book). I rarely read or download e-books from the Hungarian Electronic Library.

I run in summer, the distance is about 3-7 miles per occasion. I also like swimming. These activities fresh and energize me.

I'm developing a translation memory application, it's name is s3po. You can find it at http://tldp.fsf.hu/s3po/en/index.html


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